Collins Aerospace helping business aircraft operators in Latin America

Business aircraft owners around the world are working to comply with quickly approaching airspace mandates. While the mandates in some areas of Latin America are not immediate, the time is now for operators to consider the avionics upgrades needed to ensure their aircraft can operate in an increasingly modernized airspace at home and abroad.

Mandates, such as ADS-B Out, TCAS II version 7.1, and CPDLC requirements vary from region to region, and knowing what you need and when you need it can be a challenge. For example:

  • Latin American operators planning to fly into U.S. airspace after Dec. 31, 2019, must be equipped with ADS-B Out version 2 (DO-260B) in order to comply with the 2020 FAA mandate.
  • Operators crossing the North Atlantic will also need to comply with that region’s FANS CPDLC/ADS-C mandate.
  • Countries around the world, including several in the Latin American region, will also be implementing their own airspace mandates in coming years.

Collins Aerospace has a number of avionics upgrade solutions for Collins Pro Line 21™ and Pro Line Fusion® flight deck customers to meet these mandates while maximizing the life of their aircraft, ranging from minor upgrades to full flight deck retrofits.

For existing aircraft that have not yet equipped for airspace mandates, now is the time to consult with your preferred MRO and schedule an upgrade. Comprehensive information about ADS-B Out requirements is available via the Collins website.

Operators may also consider additional upgrades beyond those mandated for ADS-B Out, TCAS or FANS. As airspace around the world becomes increasingly complex – and crowded – new technologies are being implemented that allow better flow management by air traffic control. While participation in such programs is not always required, it is rewarded with shorter routings, faster clearances, etc.

Collins Aerospace has developed numerous turn-key avionics upgrade packages that have been certified to give aircraft owners the chance to modernize their aircraft beyond ADS-B requirements for years to come. These integrated avionics packages combine various upgrades into a single, discounted solution. The result? A more capable aircraft that not only complies with airspace mandates, but also operates effectively in modern airspace. Upgrading an existing Pro Line 21 system, for example, can bring a whole new flying experience to pilots through localizer performance vertical guidance (LPV) capabilities, flight management system (FMS) updates, faster database uploads and synthetic vision.

Collins can also help aircraft operators update their cabin management and entertainment systems to take advantage of the latest technology. Our award-winning VenueTM cabin management system, AirshowⓇ moving maps, StageTM on demand content service, forthcoming 4K content distribution, and Collins Aerospace’s ARINCDirectSM cabin connectivity services can bring new life to outdated cabins and a new in-flight experience for passengers.
With an expansive dealer network, including three in Brazil, Collins Aerospace provides a solid customer support network to Latin America operators, including three field engineers based in Brazil alone. Collins is committed to providing innovative solutions to aircraft operators around the world for the remaining years of their aircraft.